Cleaning French Pane Windows – Ease

Cleaning French Pane Windows


French pane windows frame a set of challenges that can prove to be difficult for even the most skilled window cleaners. There can be 10x as many pieces of glass per square foot. Couple that with a 32ft ladder and you are bound to make at least a few mistakes. 


Ideally, a cleaner would come equipped with T-Bars and Squeegees small enough to fit the width of the panes.

Points of Failure

  • Rushing
  • Detailing
  • Cornering
  • Under-bidding


More windows means more work. It is natural to want to get through the job more quickly by spending less time on each window. Less time means you are less careful and likely more sloppy.


On french pane windows, there are many more edges to wipe down. As you go, you will notice you go through towels much more quickly than normal. If you do not use a jet-dry piece of towel each time you will leave streaks.


As you run the squeegee along each pane, the lighter-than-normal squeegee is more likely to knock on the edge of the window or slip in the corner. This is something to be careful of.


You always want to leave some wiggle room in your bid just in case it takes you more time than you expect. Or, if the owner is okay with it, bid the job on an hourly basis just to be safe.

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