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Common Window Cleaning Questions Answered by a Window Washer

How often should I have my windows cleaned?

This all depends on your preferences, budget, and location. If you have a few clean-freak tendencies, rainy seasons, and a healthy budget, a monthly window cleaning service may be something you consider. In most areas though, once a year is a healthy frequency.. but twice a year, and quarterly cleanings are also very common.

How long will my windows stay clean?

The short answer, about a month. The long answer depends on the climate you live in. Dusty, humid climates are the worst climates for windows. Small kids, dogs, and standard of living can also play a factor in how long you can expect your windows to stay clean.

How much does window cleaning cost?

Most companies bid per-pane while there are a few that bid per square foot. The typical 3500 sqft home will have around 40 panes which will cost you around $200 to have cleaned inside and out. 

What do you use to clean windows?

Every company has their own solution that they use. One of the most common ingredients though, is Dawn Dish Soap. When I first started cleaning windows, that was the only thing we used... a hefty amount of Dawn mixed into a bucket of water does the trick. You can also add in different wetting agents, anti-static sprays, detergents, etc. Try to steer away from ammonia and vinegar because it will thin-out your solution making it harder to get a consistent glaze over the window. 

Why should I have my windows professionally cleaned?

Professional window cleaners are not simply doing something for you that you could have done yourself. They are performing work that takes months of full-time training to become proficient at and years to perfect. They can get windows cleaner, and to stay cleaner than you could yourself. 

Do I need to be home to have my windows cleaned?

Find a window cleaner you trust and they shouldn't have a problem cleaning your outside windows without you being home. If you are having your interior windows cleaned, you may want to be home. Many companies, including ours, can collect payment via an emailed invoice up to a month after the fact.

Is it important to have my windows cleaned?

When it comes to the worth of your home, this is a negative cash-flow expenditure... Window cleaning does not affect the long-term value of your home. But if you are showing your home to be sold, a window cleaning service the week before is a fantastic idea as it can help your home be seen in a better light. 


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