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How much should I pay to have my windows cleaned?

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It's easy to think you are getting ripped off when you get a quote for your service twice or three-times as much as what you were expecting to pay going into it.  But is the problem your expectations? Or are you really getting ripped off? 

How much should window cleaning cost?

There are two main types of pricing when it comes to window cleaning. Pricing per-pane and pricing per-square foot. Some companies may even use a combination of the two. Rates will vary greatly on your location.

Pricing per-pane

Pricing per-pane is the most common and accurate way of bidding window cleaning jobs. The cost per-pane to clean a window can range from $3 inside/out all the way up to $7 inside/out depending on the company. But don't be fooled when it comes to a cheaper price-per-pane as not all window cleaners are created equal. Many companies do not hand-clean windows. They will often use long brushes and poles that while streak-free, may leave harder-set dirt still on the window. Other companies double or triple-count larger windows leaving you with a much greater price. Some may even add on extra fees into your quote simply because they think you can afford it. The best way to avoid this is to find a company that does pricing on a per-square foot basis. 

Pricing per square-foot

If you think pricing per square-foot doesn't work because not all houses have the same amount of windows, you are partially right. But, for the most part the deviation between houses is something that window cleaners can deal with without much issue. Two different 3500 square-foot houses may differ by as much of 10 panes but the rule of large numbers will find an average that works for everyone. This pricing allow you as the customer to rest easy because you know you will get the same price every time you call. There is no scheduling to have someone come look at your house and they can't "feel you out" to see how much they can charge you. Pricing per-square foot can range from $0.08 to $0.12 on the high end. 

Pricing via Calculator 

As a window cleaning company ourselves, we pride ourselves in our take on pricing. We have created a custom calculator that allows customers to get a quote instantaneously online here. It is a primarily square-foot based system. 

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