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Support Your Local Students

Give the Gift of Work

The ongoing debate between good-willed members of society revolves around the question, "How can I help someone, without enabling them with a hand-out?"... How can we support college students without simply forgiving their student loans or paying for their college? The answer: hire them. Find a company that offers goods or services provided by student employees so you know that your money is going directly towards their success. This money is then used at their discretion towards anything they would like... tuition, housing, food, entertainment, etc... Better yet, find a locally owned company who you know will recycle the rest of your payment into your local economy. 

Support A Local Business

When you purchase from a large company, it's hard to know exactly where that money will go, but when you purchase from a local business you are helping members from your community by rewarding their decisions 

Help Your Students in St George

Here at Ease we employ tens of students each year, students who are willing to work for their keep. These students provide quality and memorable service while simultaneously attending college. Residents of St George can help Dixie State Students by hiring Ease to clean their windows. 

Help Your Students in Logan

Ease's Logan branch is made up almost exclusively of Utah State Aggies-- even the owners are Utah State attendees. 


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