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What do Professional Window Cleaners Use?

If you are interested in cleaning your own windows but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars in equipment and years mastering the technique that is involved in cleaning windows, use these basic steps to get the job done yourself.

What You Need to Clean a Window Like a Professional

  1. Dish soap

  2. Dry rags

  3. Razorblade

  4. Bucket

  5. Squeegee

How-To Clean a Window Like a Professional

  1. Make your solution

Mix water and a generous amount of dish soap together in any sort of container. You will need at least a gallon of solution to clean all the windows on your house. 

  2. Wet the window

Using a soaked rag, wipe down the window with your solution making sure to get all corners + edges. 

  3. Razor (Non-Tempered windows only)

Using a single razor blade, scrape off all tough dirt. For tempered window use a sponge instead of a razor.

  4. Re-Wet

Re-wet the window using your soaked rag.

  5. Squeegee

Starting at the top of the window, place your squeegee flush with the glass and move downward. Repeat where you left off at the top of the window until all water has been removed.

  6. Detail

Using a COMPLETELY DRY rag, use your finger to carefully remove excess moisture from the remainder of the window-- especially the edges. Always making sure to use a dry piece of rag. 


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