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What is the 'secret formula' of window cleaning?

What do professional window cleaners use to clean windows?

Many window cleaning companies hold their cleaning solution as a company secret that must be guarded at all costs. The one and only 'magic formula' that can leave any window streak and dirt free. One-and-done cleaning solutions like Windex advertise that by using them you can effectively clean just as well as the professionals. The truth is, you get what you pay for... If you are choosing between having your windows professionally cleaned versus cleaning them yourself you won't get quite the same results. Obviously the professionals can clean a window better than you can. But, it's not because of the formula.

Ease, along with many other window cleaning companies uses a generous amount of Dawn Dish Soap at their primary detergent. Adding enough to give the water a blue hue and leave plenty of suds on the window (as seen in the featured image of this blog post). Then, as an option to you, we add a very small amount of Glisten, a professional grade wetting agent. This is used to help lubricate the squeegee as it glides over the window. This addition is also anti-static helping to prevent light dirt and dust from sticking to the window. 


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