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Why should I have my windows professionally cleaned?


If you've ever asked this, I have the answer. For one, it's DANGEROUS. Cleaning your windows is no easy feat. But, with the proper equipment and knowledge, it can be done correctly and safely, that's where Ease steps in. Every Technician is fully trained in all aspects of the workload as well as being insured and licensed. Our Technicians are some of the best around and do great work. Backed by our Rain Guarantee, you can count on Ease to make your life Ease-ier and keep John from falling off the ladder while leaning over to clean the 2nd-floor picture windows. 

Why Window Cleaning is Important

Windows are constantly exposed to the elements of rain, snow, temperature change and wind to name a few. Glass is a porous, sponge-like surface that will develop buildup of dust, dirt, and various minerals over time. When these penetrate the surface, it can cause staining and permanent damage. Replacing your windows is extremely expensive and completely avoidable. We can help you determine your home’s specific needs and how often you should have your windows cleaned.

In the Long Run

Maintaining your windows will add to the look and value of your home. If you are ever to sell your home, inspectors do take into account how well maintained the home is, and YES that includes the windows. Having sparkling clean windows WILL add to the curb appeal of your home. If they seem to need replacing, potential buyers will see this as a red flag. If you think of it this way, cleaning your windows is a solid investment for resale.


What else does Ease do?

We offer the following services: 

-Window Cleaning

-Pressure Washing

-Construction Cleaning

-Christmas Light Installation


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