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Window Cleaning in Cache Valley

Cleaning windows in Cache Valley presents a unique set of challenges, particularly sub-freezing temperatures in the winter. Lucky for us we are 100% owned by Utah State University attendees who know the ins and outs of Cache Valley. 

Ease - Essential Home Care is among the only window cleaning companies to maintain a full-time staff year-round. We get around this harsh difficulty by finding needs within the construction market and using antifreeze solutions in our formula. 

While intense heat can cause streaking due to the water evaporating off of the window, extreme cold can immediately freeze water onto the glass also causing streaks. 

Shane and I were cleaning the windows on the Chuck-A-Rama restaurant this morning and on one side, the side in the sun, the water would immediately begin to evaporate. On these windows, we often had to re-wet the surface before continuing to our squeegee step. As we continued around the building we eventually got to the side that was away from the sun. This side of the building was well below freezing temperatures. When we wet the glass it immediately froze despite the antifreeze that we included in our formula.

Without giving up too many of our secrets, hopefully, this blog helped illustrate the difficulties that come from cleaning windows in a place like Logan, UT.

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