Affiliate Program – Ease

Affiliate Program

Make Money with Ease

Earn passive income by adding an Estimate Calculator to your website

How it Works


What do I need to do?

Offer window cleaning to the visitors on your website.

Who fulfils orders from my website?

All window cleaning orders are fulfilled by Ease.

How much will I make?

5% of gross sales from fulfilled orders from your website.


What do I get out of it?

A royalty check once of month.


What if I change my mind?

There are no commitments or quotas. Affiliates are free to leave the program at any time.


 Notable Affiliates

Step 1 - Add Value for Your Clients

Using the most powerful automated bidding system in the industry, our web design specialist will customize a window cleaning page for your website. Don't know how to clean windows? Not a problem, Ease fulfills all orders.

Ease Affiliate #1 Ease Affiliate #2 Ease Affiliate #3 Ease Affiliate #4 Ease Affiliate #5 Ease Affiliate #6

Step 2 - Send Traffic to Your New Window Cleaning Page

At the end of the month you recieve a report stating:

1. What customers filled out a quote

2. What customers have recieved service

3. From which customers we have recieved payment

Step 3 - Get paid

Together with your monthly report, you will recieve a check of 5% of all referals that come from your website once the customer has paid. Payments are made once a month at the end of the month.