Open Listings

Field Manager

Description: Participate in hiring/firing decisions, determine raises, miscellaneous problem solving, customer relations, field training, managing, etc.

Requirements: Smart phone, 6mo+ window cleaning experience, 6mo+ construction cleaning experience. 

Compensation: $13-$15

Office Manager

Description: Participate in hiring/firing decisions, determine raises, miscellaneous problem solving, customer relations, orientation, managing, scheduling, etc.


Compensation: $12-$15

Window Cleaning Technician - Crew Lead

Description: Lead a crew of 2-4 technicians to profitably meet clients' and managers' expectations.

Requirements: Smart phone, 6mo+ window cleaning experience.

Compensation: $12-$15

Window Cleaning Technician

Description: Provide window cleaning and other services for clients.

Requirements: Smart phone

Compensation: $11-$13

Construction Cleaning Technician

Description: Provide cleaning services (such as, power washing, exterior cleaning, final cleaning, etc.) to construction companies.

Requirements: Smart phone

Compensation: $11-$13


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