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Construction Cleaning

Cache Valley • Northern Utah • St George

Headquartered in Cache Valley, Ease operates wherever construction cleaning is needed. Our experience has taken us all over Utah and Idaho, including:

American Fork, Bear Lake, Beaver, Brigham City, Cache Valley, Centerville, Draper, Nibley, North Ogden, Ogden, Orem, Paradise, Pocatello, Provo, Salt Lake City, Smithfield, South Jordan, Grace, St George, Washington.

If you operate in a city/town that is not listed, call anyway as we are highly mobile.

Power Washing • 4-Way • Post Drywall • Carpet Prep • Final • Exterior Cleans

Power Washing

We power wash garage, driveway, entryway, and patio concrete. Vinyl siding can also be pressure washed.  

We use 3600 PSI 2.5 GPM DeWalt Pressure Washers. Siding is cleaned using a telescoping wand that can reach over 30 feet in the air without any sacrifice in pressure. Steel beams and metal siding can also be cleaned using the telescoping wand. 

4-Way Cleaning

We sweep + vacuum of all crevices, plywood, floor areas and 2x4's. Disposal of trash is also part of the service. Any extra materials are moved to the garage area. We give your property the extra edge needed for inspection. 

Post Drywall

Pass along the mess that comes with drywall installation. Excess paste that has fallen onto the subfloor is scraped off. We sweep up all the dust, extra drywall, and trash from workers. Using a high-powered shop vac we run along the bottom edge of all drywall. Plugs, switches, outlets are also vacuumed out. 

Carpet Prep

Our technicians clean the entire site while focusing on any material that would cause a bulge in the carpet once it is installed. Floor boards, counters, cupboards are also cleaned.

Final Clean

A top to bottom clean of the entire property. All stickers, protective covers are removed. Extra materials are left in the garage. Property is left ready for final inspection, punch list, and eventually customer approval. 

 Exterior/Site Clean

Any extra material, trash, etc. can be moved by our technicians on-demand. 


Periodic cleanings • On-Call Availability • Detailed • Experienced 

We would love to sit down with you to discuss the ways that Ease's expertise can benefit all trades of your contracting business.